lamar odom (smile)

*Earlier we reported that Lamar Odom was breathing on his own without the assistance of a ventilator.

His condition is still listed as “guarded,” but now we can report that he has regained consciousness and is speaking.

“Lamar is conscious and was able to say hi to Khloe but his condition remains guarded,” said a source close to the situation who asked to be unnamed.

Alvina Alston, a spokeswoman for Odom’s aunt, JaNean Mercer, told the Los Angeles Times by phone that Odom was able to open his mouth and speak on Friday.

At this time, no other details were immediately available.

Odom’s estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian and his aunt, who helped raise him in New York, separately called on his fans in the interlaced worlds of sports and entertainment to pray for his recovery.

However, because the hospital is not issuing any official reports on his condition, reports on social media have been filling the vacuum: Odom was initially on life support, he was intubated and he had dialysis. But none of those reports have been officially confirmed.

But the bottom line is that most parties agree that Odom had shown some positive signs of recovery, according to a variety of sources.

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