Liza Morales and Lamar Odom

Liza Morales and Lamar Odom

*Lamar Odom’s ex-girlfriend, Liza Morales, and their two children, have arrived in Las Vegas to be with the former NBA star, who remains in critical condition after being found unresponsive at a nearby brothel.

Morales as well as Odom’s daughter, Destiny, and his son, Lamar Jr., are in Vegas after traveling from New York City, according to ET. The family also arrived with Lamar’s aunt, JaNean.

Despite reports that Khloe paid for Lamar’s ex-girlfriend and children to fly out to Vegas, a source tells ET this is not true.

On Wednesday, Destiny tweeted out a childhood photo of her and her father with the message, “Please don’t leave us.”


Meanwhile, TMZ is reporting that sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, their mother Kris Jenner and sister Kylie Jenner are all heading back to L.A. after being at Lamar’s bedside since Tuesday … but Khloe Kardashian refuses to leave her estranged husband.

Per TMZ:

We’re told Kim has an appointment with a pregnancy specialist who flew to LA just to meet with her. She’s had an ongoing condition in which her placenta is growing too deep into her uterus. They all left on a private jet.

Kendall, who’s in London, is on her way to Vegas to be with Khloe.
The entire family plans to head back to Vegas this weekend to be with Lamar.