Janet Jackson-

*Janet Jackson’s return to the music scene is carrying legal drama as a music producer considers making legal moves against the singer.

At the heart of the situation are accusations from producer Seven Aurelius that Jackson allegedly accused him of lying about working with her. The drama stems from “S.E.X.L.I.N.E.S,” a 2005 unmastered song from Jackson that Seven Aurelius uploaded to his SoundCloud account as “an exclusive gift for Janet fans.”

As soon as the track was posted, SoundCloud deleted it from Aurelius’ account without warning.

According to Sandra Rose, Jackson reportedly asked SoundCloud to delete the song.

Adding to the drama is a quote the Boombox published that allegedly came from Jackson. From the quote, Jackson’s people claim the entertainer has never worked with Aurelius in the past and didn’t record “S.E.X.L.I.N.E.S” or write it.

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“Miss Jackson has no interest in being associated with this song since she did not write it, produce it or perform in it. It is a hoax,” the statement read, according to Page Six.

“Bonvicino insists it’s legit and said Jackson flew Aurelius to Minneapolis to work with her: “They’re friends. It completely blinded him that they would discredit his work. Our legal team is pursuing vigorous legal remedy.”

Upon requesting comment on the situation, Page Six reports that the Boombox removed its story on Jackson after the news outlet contacted Jackson’s team.

“No comments were made to the media,” Jackson’s team told Page Six.