Darnell Ferguson

Darnell Ferguson

*Twenty eight year-old, Darnell Ferguson has struggled with the odds of life. he has dealt with incarceration, homelessness and a lack of self-control throughout his short span as an adult.

His life was swiftly headed down hill and just when things seemed to be getting worst, he made the decision to get his life together by walking into a local church committing his life to God.

“I went to Southeast Christian and ever since then everything changed for me, said Ferguson.  I started going to church, starting reading about God because for me, I didn’t know God was real… So that for me was a shock… I wish I would have known this a long time ago but I wouldn’t have listened then, even if you told me… That’s just the truth about it.”

Ferguson was born in Philadelphia. His family relocated to Columbus, OH when he was young. He was raised by his mom and step-dad and credits them for providing him with a very good life. Despite having great parents – Ferguson struggled throughout high school and was on the verge of failing out. During his junior year he decided to transfer to a vocational high school in the Columbus area that offered courses in Culinary Arts.

Ferguson advanced in Sullivan’s Culinary Arts program leading him to be chosen to be a part of the 2008 Olympic Team in Beijing China. 22 amateur chefs were selected – and only two of those were African-American. Ferguson was overjoyed about the selection and honored upon discovering that out of the thousands that applied he was chosen.

With hopes of successfully completing school, Ferguson experienced a financial hardship which led him to make a decision that would greatly affect his life.

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