Mariah Carey

*Mariah Carey and M.A.C. cosmetics have teamed for a new collection that the R&B songstress is prepping to debut this holiday season. Carey says the forthcoming frosty, champagne lipstick named “All I Want” was designed with the biracial girl in mind. While out promoting her new collection, Carey, who is of Afro-Venezuelan and White Irish descent, said will offering a different perspective on makeup dos and don’ts.

“They have a long history of diverse collaborations, and I’m a different-looking person,” Carey told PopSugar about teaming up with M.A.C. “When I say different, I mean I’m an ambiguous-looking person. Most people have a difficult time being like, ‘What is she?’ This is going to be something that a lot of different people will be able to feel like they can wear, and it will look good on them because I kept that in mind when we were working on it.”

Carey advises women to refer to their skin tone when it comes to selecting the right shade.

“Stay closest to your natural color of your skin because we range in color, us biracial women,” she said. “I would just say: be yourself and go with the colors that really work for you. It’s really hard to just lump all biracial people into one category because some of us have light eyes, some of us have dark eyes, some of us are darker and lighter.”

Mariah also tells the celebrity news site what beauty advice she plans on passing down to her daughter.

“I’m already trying with her hair. Just trying to keep her so she knows how to comb through it because it’s curly. She’ll never cut it. That’s what my hope is for her. It’s a mistake when those of us with curly hair cut it and don’t realize it doesn’t always grow back that quickly. She’s already got a natural ombré going on with her hair, so it’s really interesting to watch her. I would just have her take really good care of her skin — that’s the most important thing.”

You can read Carey’s full interview here.