master p romeo sonya

*Dang, talk about messy. But, it makes sense. Read on.

Master P’s son Romeo Miller is not being spared from the legal drama surrounding the rap mogul’s divorce from his ex-wife Sonya Miller.

TMZ reports that Romeo is being dragged into the situation as Sonya alleges that Master P has been using his 26-year-old son to hide assets from her to make it look like he’s worth less than he actually is.

The site notes that the former couple founded No Limit Records in the ’90s. According to Sonya, although Master P and Romeo founded No Limit Forever in 2010, it’s basically the same record company. With Romeo named as the owner and founder of No Limit Forever, Sonya has no access or rights to the money the label brings in.

In addition, Sonya touched on Master P’s new reality show, “Master P’s Family Empire,” saying the rap star strategically took steps to prevent her from getting the $750,000 he was paid by putting Romeo’s name on the payroll documents.

Despite not blaming Romeo for what’s happening, TMZ mentioned that Sonya insists her son is being used as a pawn in the situation with her and Master P.