Michael-Moore*Hollywood’s longstanding issue with diversity has not gone unnoticed by Michael Moore.

The filmmaker sounded off on the hot topic during a Q&A session with fellow director Leslie Harris at the New York Film Festival on Sunday (Oct. 4). In his eyes, the situation compares to apartheid in South Africa.

“This is absolutely wrong,” Moore said about the distinct lack of female directors.

“I’m missing out on her story. Their stories. That person,” he continued. “What are the great films that you and I are missing because their great voices can’t be heard? I want to go to that movie. I want to hear that voice. I’m being denied that voice by a system that’s sent out to give the reins to white men.”

As the discussion continued, Moore expressed how upset his is regarding the fact that women directed less than 2% of the top 100 movies in 2014.

“I’m telling you, anthropologists are not gonna look kindly on us. We’re gonna look like Neanderthals,” he stated. “It’s a form of apartheid, folks, when a minority controls everything and the majority gets a bone thrown to them.”

So what say you? Is Moore comparing the lack of diversity in Hollywood to apartheid, a system that promotes institutionalized, dehumanizing racism, justified in getting the attention of those who can do something or could he have used another comparison to get his point across?

Weigh in below.