ESPN's Jamele Hill delivers message to Michigan fans on "His & Hers" (Oct. 19, 2015

ESPN’s Jamele Hill delivers message to Michigan fans on “His & Hers” (Oct. 19, 2015

*Today is a good day for anyone having anything to do with Michigan State, including ESPN’s “His & Hers” co-host Jamele Hill.

The sports anchor gleefully got back at Michigan fans after months of teasing and torment leading up to Saturday’s big game, which ended with an improbable Michigan State victory after Michigan’s kicker fumbled the snap. The ball was recovered and taken to the house by a MSU player for the go-ahead score – with no time left on the clock.

Hill, who hosts “His & Hers” with Michael Smith, began today’s show by saying, “For all of, oh, 20 seconds, I thought about coming in here and handling Michigan State’s epic victory over Michigan with dignity. Grace. And class. But frankly, you Michigan fans don’t deserve that.”

Hill went on, using visual aids and video to underscore the ridicule she and Spartan nation had been forced to endure all week – including the desecration of the school’s Magic Johnson statue.

Watch her gleeful rant below:

Former MSU running back, Le’Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers, also had something to say…

So did Magic Johnson…