najee ali (usc)
*The National Action Network a leading Los Angeles civil rights organization founded by the Rev Al Sharpton calls for USC Athletic director Pat Haden to include African American coaches on their list of possible head coaches for the University of Southern California football team.

“USC athletic director Pat Haden and school officials should demonstrate  that diversity in hiring is important to the athletic department. African American athletes on the USC football team have helped the university make millions of dollars, won national championships and established USC as one of the premier college football programs for decades.

“But the university has never had a African American head coach. Its important that African American coaches at least be in the discussion and interview list for the USC head coaching position.

“From former Oakland Raiders coach and USC assistant coach Hue Jackson to former USC All-American and current Cincinatti Bengals defensive back coach Mark Carrier, there are several African American coaches who would make great candidates. Pat Haden and USC officials just need to give them the chance to compete for the head coaching job,” stated Najee Ali, political director of the Los Angeles National Action Network.