*He’s good. But is he that good?

According to James Harden, the answer is yes.

While acknowledging Step Curry, the NBA’s current MVP, Harden reminisced over his stellar performance last season to NBA.com as he gears up to make it known that he is indeed the best player in the league.

“You don’t think I can do more?” Harden asks. “Just wait. I’ll show you.” […] “I am the best player in the league. I believe that,” he said. “I thought I was last year, too.”

“I know I was the MVP,” Harden stated. “That’s 100 percent given all the things that happened last season. Credit the Golden State Warriors for an unbelievable year. They had an unbelievable team, coaching staff, everything. But that award means most valuable to your team. We finished second in the West, which nobody thought we were going to do at the beginning of the year even when everybody was healthy. We were near the top in having the most injuries. We won our division in a division where every single team made the playoffs. There’s so many factors. I led the league in total points scored, minutes played. Like I said, I’m not taking anything away from Steph, but I felt I deserved the Most Valuable Player. That stays with me.”

As for last season, Harden admitted that the wear and tear of giving his all every night eventually took its toll on him during the Western Conference Finals against Curry’s Golden State Warriors.

“To be honest, I thought I had more in the tank when I went out onto the court that night,” he said. “But it was a long, tiring, beat-down season … Playing the most [total] minutes in the league, dealing with so many injuries every single day … It’s a wear-and-tear. It’s a grind. It was so frustrating, because in that Game 5 I turned the ball over 12 times. I pride myself on creating opportunities to score for my team. So those 12 possessions, instead of getting a shot for myself or one of my teammates, I’m giving an extremely talented Golden State offensive team extra possessions. And you just can’t do that in the playoffs. […] So that’s what my off-season has been all about — better conditioning and better preparation for this time.”

With everything Harden said, what say you sports fans? Do you feel he was more deserving of the MVP title than Curry or does he still have a lot more to prove?

Weigh in below.