ode to saturday

Ode To Saturday

*After putting in countless hours in the studio, performing on many stages throughout California, Ode To Saturday has finally caught their BIG break.

Sacramento natives Deiy Leone and Jordan Kalè have always had a passion for music. They’ve used life’s experiences to create songs like “FlowerChild,” “G.I.M.H (Get Into My Head),” and “Rush.” Their unique sound has gained the interest of many people from all over the world.

“One thing you gotta know about us is that we write from a real place. As we’re going through stuff, we’re jotting it down.” says Deiy.

Deiy and Jordan both met at an artist collective group in Sacramento  where local aspiring artists come together to learn and share ideas and views on different topics cultivating a rich product with hopes of inspiring others. Both of them started out in a group that later split due to various reasons. But, instead of letting that get in the way of their dreams, Deiy and Jordan both decided to come together and carry on the music.


With the support of family and friends, Deiy and Jordan are able to easily carry out the humble attitude in their endeavors. This group is definitely onto great things. In fact, the duo is the opening act for rap super star Ludacris’ October 30 date in Frisco, Texas.

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