small business

*According to a 2015 Infusionsoft Small Business Market Survey, 55 percent of entrepreneurs said that their biggest challenge is not having enough time to get everything done.

The survey also gave insight into how entrepreneurs spend their time and which tasks they dread. While 60 percent said they loved working on customer service and 57 percent said they enjoyed product or service development, another 56 percent of those surveyed said they hated financial tasks, and 35 percent complained that administrative tasks were the worst.

It may be impossible to avoid some of the less-than-glamorous tasks that come with entrepreneurship, such as bookkeeping and project management, but there are some online tools to help you stay sane. And the best part is they’re affordable, can scale with your business needs and offer valuable support. Check out these resources built with entrepreneurs in mind.

Cloud storage

Robust cloud storage is a must-have for entrepreneurs whether they’re starting out or working on their third business. Store all of your digital assets from documents and contracts to videos in one convenient place. Cloud storage is generally PC, Mac and Linux compatible with mobile device access for business owners on the go. Look for cloud storage companies that offer 24-hour support and have fail-proof security layers such as data encryption and data breach monitoring.

Some cloud storage services also allow for easy collaboration so your team can log in and make changes to a proposal. The changes are automatically synced so everyone is working on the same material. If there are any downsides to cloud storage, it’s that there are hundreds to choose from. Narrow your choices with reviews from to pick the best option for you.


Stretch your network beyond LinkedIn and start exploring Angel List to connect with angel lenders and startups looking to connect or invest. Like LinkedIn, you can search through companies and people, based on preferred filters like tech startups or financial companies. Angel List can also help you find employees when you’re ready to expand your service.

Angel List can be intimidating to some entrepreneurs starting out. If you have an idea for a product that needs a financial boost, try crowdsourcing. Indiegogo helps individuals, groups and nonprofits raise money for their projects directly from everyday people looking to invest.


Accounting software is not very expensive and makes your business look as legitimate as it is professional. Skip bulky envelopes of business receipts and a sea of financial paperwork. According to Business News Daily, FreshBooks can simplify the accounting process with the ability to send invoices, track the time you’ve worked on a project, attach expense receipts to invoices and determine your profit and losses. Send a tax summary to your accountant during tax time and review any financial reports with investors and co-founders in one place.

Business-to-business sales

Ever wonder how to source high-quality wholesale products for your online store without breaking the bank? Alibaba sells everything from apparel to machinery and minerals from verified suppliers. The site aims to eliminate the middleman and give you exclusive access to buyers. Request samples, order wholesale items and make a bulk purchase to discount your per-item costs while stocking up your store.