*Sometimes even the journalists that cover them get a little giddy at the prospect of running into celebrities in the least expected places.

Like public transportation.

Imagine you’re just riding along on the train, bus or street car in your town. You’re just reading the paper, writing a note or jammin’ to the sounds from your iPod. Then you look up and see “Brokeback Mountain” actor Jake Gyllenhaal is standing there doing the same. Of course the sleepyhead with his mouth open pictured below, will just have to taking our word for it!

Jake Gyllenhall

Jake Gyllenhall

Could happen. Does happen.

Take a look at more of the celebs we know, and some we don’t, in places we would’ve never expected them to be.

Like Rihanna: We hear Ri-Ri was headed to London’s O2 Arena on the underground rail system when this lucky fan’s request was granted.

Rihanna on train

Hey, she may be an international supermodel and entrepreneur, but Tyra Banks, here on the NYC subway, proves a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. She obviously has some place to be and is not too particular about how to get there!

Tyra on Train

You might not know it from this, but the rather ordinary-looking-guy below is Eddie Redmayne. You’ve seen him in a lot of films, and he won the ” Best Actor” 2015 Oscar for “The Theory of Everything.” Just imagine all the people who just walked on by him here.

Eddie, Oscar winner, on train

As if…Jay-Z needs no introduction! But he seems genuinely comfortable and even pleased with being recognized on the subway.

Jay Z on Train

Wait! That’s Helen Mirren! ‘Looks like they’re putting the band back together!’ I love that line from REDS, with Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis! Of course that’s only one among her innumerable collection of films.

Helen Mirren on Train

Ah…but there’s so many more to see. And no, it didn’t escape us that most of these celebs are traveling via public transportation in the UK. NOT in the U.S...Hmm…is there something we should know?

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