premed student

*Kim Ohaegbulam, a Black medical student, had been at the bar celebrating the completion of a school project with two friends.

But when it came time to use the restroom, his friends had no problems, but he did.

The manager at Landmark Tavern, a bar in New York City wouldn’t allow the student to use the bathroom because of his skin color.

Ohaegbulam is black, and his friends were Asian.

The incident happened in the Hell’s Kitchen section of Manhattan, on September 27th.

Ohaegbulam, 28, says when he tried to go and use the facilities he was stopped by the night manager who said the restrooms were only for paying customers.

Ohaegbulam told the manager he had been at the bar drinking for 45 minutes – and even had the bar’s security guard corroborate his claims, but it made no difference to the manager.

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