President Barack Obama with Stephanie and Brian Tobe at Torrey Pines (Oct. 13, 2015)

*Stephanie and Brian Tobe were in the middle of their wedding at a golf resort in San Diego when the ceremony was crashed by the President of the United States.

The couple said they knew he was in town that day but had no idea he’d be at Torrey Pines, where the two were exchanging vows at the 18th hole, just as Obama rolled up to finish his round.

The couple decided to delay their ceremony and watch from the hotel balcony as the president played through. But they found themselves sprinting toward POTUS when he began greeting bystanders, including the couple’s photographers, Erin and Jeff Youngren.

The couple ended up taking several pics with Obama as their family cheered, Erin Youngren said.

obama wedding crasher

“President Obama was kind and wonderful,” Youngren said on her website. “When he shook Brian and Stephanie’s hands, he apologized for delaying the ceremony and then shared some advice with Brian, who is also from Chicago.”

In any other wedding, the delay could have ruined the rest of the day. But Youngren said Obama’s visit brought joy to the event.

“Nothing about this presidential drop-in negatively impacted the day,” she said. “In fact, the mood became so fun, laid back, and celebratory, that it was one of the most joyful weddings we’ve ever been at – ever. We easily made up the timeline with the cocktail hour, we were able to get better sunset photos, and in the end, things didn’t run late at all. It was a life moment that none of us will ever forget.”

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