how-much-to-tip-ftr*It’s not the quality of service that counts, but rather how your server looks that determines how much we tip, according to a recent study from Cornell University.

The study acknowledged a difference found in tips when sex appeal is involved. Info found that tips vary based on “breast sizes … ages, waist-to-hip ratios and body sizes.”

The results of the study follow findings published last July by professors Zachary W. Brewster and Michael Lynn, who conducted an exit survey of the “tipping decisions” made by about 400 diners.

“Our results indicate that both white and black restaurant customers discriminate against black servers by tipping them less than their white co-workers,” Lynn and Brewster’s study stated. “Importantly, we find no evidence that this black tip penalty is the result of inter-racial differences in service skills possessed by black and white servers.”

News of the study and survey comes after restauranteur Danny Meyers announced Wednesday (Oct. 14) in an open letter that he was getting rid of tipping at his restaurant chains so his employees would be compensated in an “equitable” and “competitive” way.

Meyer’s declaration stunned many in the restaurant industry. Restaurant owners who admitted to not being able to afford to pay their workers a higher minimum wage as well as those saying that tipping incentivizes good service, were among those especially hit by what Meyer stated.

The bottom line is that Meyers most likely took a cue from the Cornell University’ study.

So what say you? Do the findings from the study and exit survey surprise you or do the findings confirm what you already know? Is Meyers on the right track with eliminating tips at his restaurants or should he just keep things the way are and not take a stand in leveling the tipping playing field?

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