raven-symone-chris-pearman*There’s no doubt that Raven-Symoné’s comments on “ghetto names” hit a sour note with folks. And while he may not share the same views, Christopher Pearman still has love for his famous daughter, no matter how crazy the things that come out of Symoné’s mouth.

In an interview with Your Black World’s Antonio Moore, Pearman speaks on the “ghetto names” controversy as well as black celebrities who subsequently disassociate themselves from the black community after getting famous and why no one is taking the producers of “The View” to task for the drama over Symone’s “ghetto names” remarks.

“Raven’s a comedienne from birth. You saw that on “The Cosby Show.” You saw that all through her life. In this particular segment, I believe that it was mostly tongue and cheek…She got comfortable with it,” Pearman said about the “ghetto names” comments.

“What got me as a father is that when you said that you would discriminate, you cross the line because you’re breaking the law and you don’t want to put yourself in that position on a national platform.”

Pearman then reveals the impact Symone’s words had on young black girls from emails he’s received from them.

“…and I’m very empathetic to that, especially when it comes to our little Black girls because Black women have been discriminated for a hundred years. You don’t want to be a part of that discrimination against your own people.

Now, do I believe that Raven would do that. No. I know that child she’s got a very beautiful heart. She’s just doing what she does, expressing her opinion. And of course she may make some gaffs, we’re human. And she apologized and she saw she was wrong. And that’s how I back her up. ‘Yeah, you were wrong’ but it’s about how you stand back up and face the fire.”

Regarding the “ghetto names” segment the comments sprang from, Moore mentioned how it was set up as if it were a joke as a video of two non-Black teenagers making up elaborate, unrealistic names based on Black stereotypes was shown before the panelists on “The View” discussed discriminatory hiring practices.

In Pearson’s opinion, the blame shouldn’t have been put on Symoné when it was the show’s producers who ultimately made the call discuss the issue. Although he would’ve expected veteran “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg to speak up and not Symoné, Pearman did acknowledge his daughter’s role in the situation.

“My only concern was, it’s important that she watches the words that she uses and understands that she is representing her Black people.”

As the interview progressed, Pearman touched on the harsh reaction from viewers to Symoné’s comments, saying that while he didn’t agree with his daughter, he didn’t like the response

“People were asking for her head and asking me to give them her head,” he told Moore. “When you hurt Black women in any kind of way, I got a problem with it.”

To see Antonio Moore’s interview with Christopher Pearman, check out the video below: