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*Episode 4 opens up with the Feds busting into Empire and tearing up the joint looking for evidence to incriminate Lucious while Jamal is singing a sultry ballad in the studio. Nice juxtaposition. It works. So does much of this episode.

Empire finally found its stride last week when the writers crafted a script that was somewhat believable. This week, however, they took it up a notch and got back to the internal conflict that makes the Lyon family so damn addictive. Lucious was all hugged up with a bronze Barbie in his bedroom when his lawyer Thirsty–abandoning two women in the guest room–informed him that the Feds were now raiding his crib. Cookie, who was on the other side of town, was celebrating her ex-husband’s misfortune when she, too, got a visit from the Po-Po and subsequently found herself in a holding cell.

Her host? Roxanne Woods, the D.A.

To get out of jail free, Cookie initially refused to snitch but then realized she could score big by stopping Lucious from getting what he wanted. Karma really is a…

Hakeem is still acting like the spoiled, non-acting brat with a huge chip on his shoulder–refusing to go back to Empire even though Lucious has offered him a very lucrative deal. He displays new levels of immaturity when he destroys a painting featuring Jamal on the cover of Rolling Stone during their video shoot. He’s not the only one who’s getting a little jealous. Jamal’s boyfriend is not happy with the way the Rolling Stone photographer has been cozying up with his boo.

Meanwhile Andre, in yet another desperate attempt to get his dad to rehire him, tells Lucious that he has a way to get the Feds off his back. “If you can make this go away you can have anything you want,” Lucious tells him. So what does poor ‘Dre do? He hatches a plan to dig up his dead Uncle Vernon, the guy his wife clocked last season and killed. But before he can find the exact location, Lucious and his lawyer show up. What happens next is truly one of network TV’s finest moments this season.

Best Lines

  • “You come in here with a whole lotta demands Ms. Cookie Monster.”–Lucious to Cookie, when she tries to strongarm him into a deal.
  • “Grandma Moses just shut up for the first time.”–Lucious to Cookie.
  • “Show me a grandma that’s got a ass like this.”–Cookie to Lucious.
  • “You will rot in hell snitch.” Lucious to Vernon after viewing his corpse.
  • “If the cops raid your house that makes you a G. If the Feds raid your house that make’s you an OG.” Lucious to his lawyer.