Members of the Keynote movement poised to impact lives one screen at a time

Members of the Keynote movement poised to impact lives one screen at a time

*Today’s media landscape may cause some people to wonder whether media is imitating life or if life is imitating media. Sometimes it can seem as if we are witnessing headline after headline and reality show after reality show, project some overwhelmingly negative, stereotypical, and undesirable messages on the airwaves. One internationally renowned author and motivational speaker is trumpeting a positive alternative.

“’The Keynote‘ is an inspirational approach to reality TV that focuses on bringing the best out of people as rather than exploiting their worst,” offered Delatorro McNeal, II, peak performance expert and the show’s executive producer. “TV is the most powerful medium in the world. It is challenging to get this responsible and inspirational content on the network level. So, we took it into our own hands to bring this concept to the world.”

Show viewers will meet the following participants: Jenny Olding who discovered her passion for helping busy professionals connect with their inner child through extreme outdoor adventures; Regina a divorced single-mother who overcame her own confidence barriers to create empowering material for other mothers, along with seven other contestants. They are competing for an opportunity to maximize their ambitions. One participant overcame a terminal illness, not once, but, twice.

“Most people don’t bounce back from substance abuse, not to mention cancer,” said Keynote participant Charles Cary. “As a two time cancer survivor and substance abuse overcomer, I felt the responsibility to give it all that I had. I also saw it as an opportunity to make a difference with my story.”

The Tampa, Fla.-based motivator hopes to impact nations with these empowering messages.

“I believe there is power when we raise our voices. There is power when we tell our stories and stand in our truth,” McNeal shared. “The fear of speaking one of the greatest fears in the world. Many people would rather die than to speak publicly. My goal is to inspire people to own their power.”

The Keynote was designed to cultivate a cadre of motivators to confront the over-indexing trend of negative media and negative thinking.  McNeal offers this four-step recipe for unlock life’s limitations.

Accept Yourself: “You have to be okay with the fact that you are not okay. And, then you’ll be okay. Accept that fact that you are not perfect. No matter how much money you have or how successful you are, you are going to have scars and flaws. Once you accept yourself, you now have the liberty to stand in your truth.”

Analyze and Challenge Your Fear: “Be honest with yourself and analyze your fears. Ask yourself: Where is this fear coming from? Why am I feeling this way? Am I afraid because someone told me to be afraid? Have I experienced this myself? Now, challenge your fear and decide that you are not willing to pay the price for not living your dreams. Do your homework and begin to find reasons why you should pursue your dreams. After you confront your fears, you will realize that you are much strong than your fears.”

Own Your Power: “Own the fact that you have overcome a whole lot in your life that led to where you are right now. Everything that you’ve gone through was practice for the challenges that are before you. The life of your dreams is waiting for you to lead it and own it. If you own it, you will nurture and take care of it. Too many people lease and rent their dreams. We tend to trash what we don’t own. That’s why many people don’t accomplish their goals.”

Take Massive Action Moving Forward: “The emotion of fear was never designed to stop you. Fear was designed to make you do two things: fight or flight. Not stop. Most people run away from their dreams and things they need to accomplish. I encourage everyone to take massive action toward what you really want out of life on a daily basis. Whatever is important to you must appear on your daily agenda.”

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Zach Rinkins, host and producer, The Rinkins Report

Zach Rinkins, host and producer, The Rinkins Report

Zach Rinkins is the Associated Press award-winning host/producer of the Rinkins Report. Find out more on Twitter @ZachRinkins and Facebook @ZachRinkins