*Sanaa Lathan has been cast as the lead in a racially-charged event series about the “dangerous aftermath” when an African-American cop kills a white teen in Tennessee. Lathan will star as an expert investigator who digs into the case, alongside a special prosecutor who is assigned to the investigation by the Department of Justice. The pair must “navigate the media attention, public debate and the social unrest that arise as they seek justice before the divided town erupts in a race war,” according to FOX.

The untitled Gina Prince-Bythewood project has been in development at FOX for a while, Deadline reports. Gina will direct and executive produce the series along with Reggie Rock. Imagine Entertainment’s Brian Grazer and Francie Calfo also will serve as executive producers. A pilot script has been delivered and FOX intends to immediately pick up the project once the full series has been written.

Meanwhile, one show that will never know what it might have been, is the Hannibal Buress-starring reality TV show “Unemployable,” which is an unaired 2014 pilot that features the comedian trying out  “real jobs” to see if he hold it down, as it turns out – he can’t.

As EW reports, his first outing as a goat farmer in Moreauville, La., finds him bored, grossed out, and exhausted.

“My conclusion is goats kind of suck. They’re not as smart as dogs; they won’t protect you if you have a burglar; they’re very needy,” Buress said in the pilot. “I would never buy a goat, even at a discount.”

His time on the line at a New Orleans diner confirms he’s terrible at every job that’s non-comedy related.

“Working in a diner was fun. I learned that being drunk on the job helps you,” said Buress.

“Unemployable” never made it past the pilot stage, as Comedy Central opted not to pick it up, but that’s not stopping Buress from sharing the project with his fans, as he wrote on his Tumblr page Tuesday, “television is made to be seen so here it is.”

Check out the pilot for “Unbreakable” below.