*When it comes to the future, Serena Williams sees an all-inclusive world featuring those who stand up for the right thing and get in where they fit in to make things easier for everyone.

Speaking on the Black Lives Matter movement, the tennis icon encouraged activists to “keep it up” and don’t be deterred by the “trolls.”

“I’m a Black woman, and I am in a sport that wasn’t really meant for Black people,” she said in a personal essay for Wired magazine titled “The Ball Is in Your Court.” “So to those of you involved in equality movements like Black Lives Matter, I say this: Keep it up. Don’t let those trolls stop you…. To other people, I say: When someone’s harassing someone else, speak up!”

“Nothing like Black Girls Code existed when I was growing up. (And I know what it’s like to be interested in a field where the other kids don’t look like you),” continued Williams about the nonprofit organization, which is dedicated to providing education on technology for African-American girls age 7-17. In addition, the sports star touches on race and inequality while serving as Wired’s guest editor for its November issue.

Regarding her overall outlook, Williams kept a hopeful tone while looking at the benefits of an equal society.

“But we can keep working even more to increase equality—whether it’s making sure to interview Black candidates for tech jobs or standing up to cyberbullying or making sure that our technology is designed by all kinds of people,” she stated.