*On Sunday, November 1, “CBS 60 Minutes” will air a special segment on the São José slave ship.  The ship was carrying in excess of 400 enslaved Africans from Mozambique to Brazil before it sank off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, in 1794.

But objects from the shipwrecked site, which has been undergoing excavation driven by the Slave Works Project (SWP), surfaced just this year, and will be on display at the Museum for African American History and Culture, currently being built in Washington, D. C.

Scott Pelley, an Anchor and Managing Editor at CBS News traveled to Mozambique Island in East Africa with Lonnie Bunch, the Director of the Smithsonian African American Museum.

In his article on the CBS News website, “Inside A Sunken Slave Ship,” Pelley walks the path that the slaves walked, as he speaks with Bunch. At one point during their walk, Pelley asks the director, “What does the black man see, that I can’t see?”

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