Cordell Broadus and Snoop Dogg*The quest for a parent’s love can influence kids in different ways.

For Snoop Dogg’s son, Cordell Broadus, that meant being motivated to play football. In his eyes, the sport seemed to be the only way to win the love of his famous father.

“I played football for my father because I thought that was the only way he would love me & be apart of my life,” Cordell told TMZ Sports while confessing that he ended up misjudging the situation when Snoop expressed how much he loves him for him.

“It took me 12 years to realize he loves Cordell Broadus the person not Cordell Broadus the football player.”

“The best day of my life was when I heard those exact words; I love you dad hope you have a great birthday,” he added.

Cordell’s admission comes amid receiving acclaim as one of the top high school wide receivers in the country. Despite being touted as one of their best recruits, Cordell surprised many sports fans when he walked away from a spot on UCLA’s football team.

Soon after walking away from the game, Cordell’s mother Shante told TMZ Sports that she and Snoop love and support him in whatever he wants to do next in his life.