Spring Valley High School takedown

*”Scandal” star Kerry Washington called it “heart breaking,” using its hashtag, #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh.

She and other celebs, along with countless others who have seen the viral videos, are expressing outrage over the violent takedown of a student at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina – captured by at least two classmates on their cell phones.

The videos, which surfaced Monday, show a white South Carolina school officer grabbing a black, female student from her chair, throwing her to the floor and dragging her across the classroom.

“I can’t unsee what i just saw,” tweeted Octavia Spencer Monday afternoon.

Orlando Jones, Cher and Olivia Wilde have also tweeted in disgust.

According to reports, the student had refused repeated requests from her teacher to leave the classroom. The officer in the video, identified as Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Fields, was called in to arrest her for disturbing class.

This is where the video begins, capturing Fields as he says, “You’re either going to come with me, or I’m going to make you.”

The student doesn’t move. Fields tells her, “Come on, I’m going to get you up,” and tries to pull her from the desk.

The officer gets the student up only after he flips her in the chair to the floor,  then flings her across the room.

Watch below:

The second video:

Fields has since been placed on administrative duty.

The victim — who was released to her parents after the incident — faces a charge of disturbing schools.

Another female student, Niya Kenny, faces the same charge after allegedly standing up for the other teenager.

Watch below:

The FBI and area U.S. Attorney’s Office have opened a civil rights investigation to determine whether federal laws were violated during the student’s arrest, a Justice Department spokesperson said.

Sheriff Leon Lott said that the FBI will be the lead agency in a criminal investigation.

“We do not want any issues with the community or those involved having questions concerning conflicts of interest in this investigation,” he said.

Below, one of the students who filmed the takedown said he was “sickened” and scared for his life: