Thomas Mesereau and Suge Knight

*While Suge Knight was in the process of being ordered to trial Tuesday morning, the former Death Row mogul found a way to which his 6-year-old son a happy birthday.

While the court’s attention was on the prosecutor, Suge looked into the court camera and lifted up a sheet of paper. The words, however, were washed out by the glare. Suge put the paper back down, but flashed a slight smile at the camera person, who in turn, zoomed in.

Suge lifted the paper again. This time, the lens had time to focus. “Happy B-day Legend,” the paper read.

Watch below:

According to TMZ, “Suge’s had very little contact with the boy since being jailed back in January and his attorneys are fighting to give him more visitation.”

The website noted that last year, Suge spent Legend’s birthday at Disneyland.


Legend and Suge Knight,, October 13, 2014 (Instagram)

Legend and Suge Knight at Disneyland, October 13, 2014 (Instagram)

Legend and Suge Knight,, October 13, 2014 (Instagram)

As previously reported, the judge today ordered Suge and comedian Katt Williams to stand trial on robbery charges filed after a celebrity photographer accused the men of stealing her camera.