As we previously reported, Scales 925 – a new soul food restaurant in Atlanta owned by rapper T.I. – was the scene of a shootout between a group of patrons that left one man, former Washington Wizards forward Glen Rice Jr., injured, as we reported here.

The shooting took place Sunday night outside of the restaurant. In a formal statement emailed to the Electronic Urban Report/EUR, the restaurant is giving its side of the story:

“The events that happened near Scales 925 is severely disconcerting. Our staff noticed a heightened exchange between patrons and they were asked to leave. An altercation between the individuals of no affiliation with Scales 925 seemed to have led to an unfortunate escalation in a public area near our restaurant. We commend our team on the swift and professional handling of the incident and on ensuring that the safety and well-being of our patrons and staff remain a priority. We were saddened to learn about Mr. Rice’s injury and wish him the absolute best with his personal injury and situation. The Scales 925 family condemns any act of violence and will always adhere to best practices to safeguard our patrons and staff. We encourage the public and media to continue to responsibly get any additional facts on this unfortunate incident from the authorities, as we plan to do the same.”