*I can remember the day, not too long ago, when I wanted to scream out loud with excitement upon seeing an African American model in a national print ad. Diversity in advertising used to be the exception, not the rule. While we still have a way to go, a look at a recent circular makes me think we’re making a lot of headway.

Target has got people talking about a recent Halloween ad that takes the concepts to a whole new level. In a recent circular, the retail titan has featured an adorable little girl with mobility challenges, supported with crutches and dressed as Elsa from “Frozen” for the upcoming holiday.

The ad first showed up last week on Facebook, having been posted by a mom who was familiar with the importance of giving visibility to models like the one in Target’s ad.

“Thank you for including a child with braces and arm crutches into your advertising campaign,” Jen Spickenagel Kroll posted. “And as Elsa, no less! My daughter (with arm crutches and prosthetic legs) is going to FLIP when she sees this!”

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