tupac-shakur*There’s no question that Tupac Shakur personified thug life during his lifetime. But even he got tired of it, according to an emotional letter he wrote in jail that’s up for grabs for the right price.

According to TMZ, that price is $225,000 and it’s fixed on a first-come first serve basis by the memorabilia site selling the note, Moments in Time.

The five-page handwritten letter, which was written in 1995 while Shakur served time for rape, was directed to Nina Bhadreshwar, an editor at Death Row Uncut magazine and employee at the rapper’s label, Death Row Records, Page Six reports. The letter displayed a reflective side of Shakur as he relayed thoughts of  being ready to let someone else carry on the thug life he embodied, as evidenced by the “Thug Life” tattoo he famously wore on his torso.

In addition to personally putting “Thug Life” to bed, Shakur pointed out the difference between a regular “playa” and the person known as a “boss playa,” with the following reasoning:

“U must play the game, not let the game play u. A regular Playa plays women, a Boss Playa plays life. A Boss Playa is a thinker, a leader, a builder, a moneymaker, a souljah, a teacher and most of all, a Man! ”

Continuing to strike a positive and inspirational nerve, Shakur goes on to mention his thoughts for those around him by stating, “I want all my homiez to know there is another level.”


To see and read the rest of Shakur’s letter, click here.