*If you love animals you’re going to love this story.

Imagine the threat of being put down, euthanized, because you’re not necessarily the cutest little pup on the block. Ludicrous! That’s what makes the work of Dr. Matt and Vet Ranch so important and appreciated.

They are determined to save all dogs from euthanasia! And that’s a BIG job.

In a six-minute clip, we learn about the fate of “Scrappy” a former shelter pup who was going to be given very little chance to grow up because a bad case of Mange had made him ugly.

Now in all fairness, and Dr. Matt alludes to this in the video: its not even easy to place healthy animals in good homes. So imagine trying to place one that has a horrible skin disease… Like Scrappy’s.

But Scrappy got a second chance at life and today he is jumping for joy. And he looks awesome.

Watch the video of Scrappy’s recovery at EURThisNthat.