Noy hangs head in shame, father, post office

*Not to judge but…sometimes when a situation comes up and we find ourselves extremely volatile, we’ve got to ask ourselves, is this a legitimate reason for me to go off, or is it just misplaced anger?

Or how about this: your dad embarrasses you in the post office, yelling at the lady behind the counter. This will be a memory for one six year old boy, who couldn’t hide his shame while witnessing his dad go off on a female postal worker because he says she didn’t “respect” him.

The father was filmed in what’s being called a “sexist tirade” towards a post office worker in Los Angeles. He said that he would put her in her place, the Daily Mail reports.

“I gotta put you in your place because you’re a woman and I’m a man,” the unidentified man said. Pretty much everyone was giving him the side eye; and his poor mini-me did something reminiscent of (what we call on social media…”SMH.”

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