*It’s always interesting when someone gathers the gumption to say what others’ may be thinking…out loud.

Comedians do it all the time. They take issues that are uncomfortable and put them on blast. They laugh at themselves first, so when you laugh at them, its not as funny.

But the issue brought up by the Executive Director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice is far from any laughing matter.

A recent Huffington Post article by  blasts Asian Americans who he says “appear to distance themselves from the attacks on African Americans, as though what happens to another community of color has nothing to do with Asian Americans.”

Punongbayan says such a “separation is destructive and perpetuates the model minority myth, a racial stereotype deeply ingrained in the American psyche asserting that Asian Americans aren’t like other (read: lesser) minority groups.”

I don’t know about you, but this is huge. Not only is it true, its even more powerful that its acknowledged by an Asian.

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