Hmm, maybe there’s something in the water in South Carolina ’cause this is straight up crazy.

We’re wondering that because according to WACH TV in Columbia, students at Spring Valley High on Friday morning gathered to show support for fired school resource officer Ben Fields.

In the videos above and below, students at the school are attempting a walkout around 10am in support of the fired deputy.

Spring Valley Principal Jeff Temoney addressed the students during the walkout and stated that he “heard their voices and appreciates you for doing this.”

The principal added no one would be suspended as long as everyone returned to class.

Students were also wearing t-shirts that say “Free Fields” and “#Bring Back Ben.”

As we’ve reported, Fields, who was also an assistant football coach at the school, was fired Wednesday after videos that went viral on social media showed him forcibly – and we say that lightly – removing a female student from her desk after she failed to leave the room after being asked by a teacher, an administrator and deputy Fields himself.

Sheriff Leon Lott stated Wednesday that the student, who so far has not been identified, has some fault in the incident, but that Fields’ decision to throw her was wrong to and was a key component in the sheriff relieving him of his duties.