nicholas fraser

*Nicholas Fraser is the 21-year-old Queens native who became Internet famous when he posted a Vine video of his rendition of Next’s 90’s classic “Too Close.”

By now you’ve no doubt seen Fraser’s “Why You Always Lying” music video, or perhaps you’ve seen clips of it on your social media timeline.

Fraser—who is on Vine and Instagram under the username @downgoes.fraser— joined Vine two years ago and began releasing videos, some went vial uncredited, as Complex reports.

Flipping the lyrics to “Too Close,” however, has garnered over 9 million views. So crazy are folks for the video that many have taken the audio or the clip and play it over different situations, like Kanye West at the MTV VMAs.

Complex chatted with college student about his inspiration for the video and his viral stardom. Below are excerpts.

Everything from the outfit to the editing is so well done. How did this start?

It was late at night and I was gonna see some girl, right? But before I was gonna see the girl, I was going to go to 7/11 to buy a donut and I didn’t feel like walking so I decided to take my mom’s car while she’s sleeping. I took the car and I connected my phone to the car to play music. The original song—Next’s “Too Close”—started playing on Pandora. I was listening to R. Kelly radio or something. I knew all the words so I pulled it up on YouTube to play it from the beginning and I just randomly started changing the lyrics to “Why you always lying.” And I was like, “Oh.” I’m always changing up lyrics but this time I was like, “This is really crazy.” I have another video where I changed the lyrics to Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type” to “Passion of Christ.” Changing the lyrics to Next was relatable to everyone in the world. I started singing it over and over and said, “I’m really about to kill them tomorrow.” 

Who has reached out to you? I saw Diddy, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa were all posting about it.

They posted about it at first but they didn’t tag me. I told my followers to tell them to tag me. Most of them eventually tagged me in it.

Has anyone from Next reached out to you?

Yeah one commented on the video which surprised me, I thought they’d be upset but they thanked me. I wish I had the actual comment to show you, it was a good appreciated one.

Nicholas Fraser

Why do you have a toilet in your backyard?

You know, certain questions you can’t answer because there’s really no answer. Basically, I remodeled my house—my bathroom—a couple months ago and the old toilet got taken outside and, for some reason, we never took it out. It’s just been there the whole time. I just thought, “This might just add to the video.” Everyone keeps asking me about it.

What do you wanna do?

I thought about being a comedian but I don’t know if I want to be. I’m just funny. I have good ideas so I think that maybe I could be on somebody’s show or have my own show. I could maybe be in a Madea movie. You never know! My life is pretty funny.

Read Fraser’s full interview here.

Watch the full video for “Why You Always Lying”: