ti restaurant

*We don’t exactly yet know the WHY, but we do know the WHAT and the WHERE. That would be T.I.‘s new Atlanta restaurant called “Scales 925.”

The WHAT is that a customer became so angry and out of control, that police were called and she ended up being restrained and removed in a gurney, according to TMZ.

Around 2:30 pm the woman showed up at TIP’s new place of business and everything seemed quite normal. However, something happened and went south very quickly; she wigged out and began pushing over plates.

As of this posting it’s still uncertain as to what set her off, but Atlanta authorities say she seemed so irrational they took her to a hospital for mental evaluation.

So far there’s been no comment from the T.I. camp

Meanwhile, it’s not all bad news the rapper/actor today. According to a report from Deadline, T.I. just signed a talent holding/development deal with Warner Bros. Television.

If you hadn’t already noticed, the proverbial “King of the South” currently stars, along with wife Tiny and there kids,  on the VH1 reality show, “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.” He has also had recurring roles on Showtime’s “House of Lies” and Starz’s “Boss.”