albert breer & pac man (nude dudes in bkgrd)

*Dang, talk about a major fail.

We have to ask. Is it the NFL or NSFW? 🙂

If you haven’t heard or seen it, while interviewing Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Adam “Pac Man” Jones, the reporter, the cameraman and apparently the producers back at the network somehow failed to notice that the rest of the team was busy walking round in Various states of undress. Yep, naked NFL players … on live TV!

We guess interviewer Albert Breer was so into “the moment,” he didn’t notice, but the “Gameday Live” crew most certainly did.

“Wowee zowee. What an interview,” an “NFL GameDay Live” analyst managed to say after the brief interview aired.

“Yeah, that was interesting,” another analyst said amid silence and snickers.

Watch the NSFW video: