Briana Daniel

Briana Daniel

*Briana Daniel, was inspired to start this venture at the age of 21, where she was moved by God to make a change.

“The goal is to restore hope to homeless people by providing showers, laundry, remedial aid, and a higher quality of mindfulness. I’m from Jacksonville, Florida, and I got this idea about two years ago. I feel like it was a prompting from God to go out and help people.” says Daniel.

In a given week, the nonprofit organization helps about 50 people. They extend their hours during the holidays hoping to give people the opportunity and to reconnect and bond with their families during the special times of the year.

The Street Team also provides clothes, shoes, dental hygiene, regular hygiene, lotions, sunscreens, ponchos. However, their most important goal is to provide the people dignity, hope and sense of self that comes with a fresh pair of clothes and shoes.

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