august alsina (kmel)

*Our good buddy,  Max Rosenhaus from 106 KMEL radio in the San Francisco Bay Area let us know that singer August Alsina sat down with the Sana G Morning Show on Thursday and spoke on a variety of subjects.

On his health issues:  “I’m a sick guy… I’ve excepted that that’s my nature. I get sick all the time…” he went on to say “for some reason I just DON’T LIKE TO EAT. IF I COULD BE CONNECTED TO AN (IV) I PROBABLY WOULD. I just like to go and keep it moving, and not stop to eat….”

On his family issues:  “That whole situation is dead as hell… Family is always the ones… That was me telling what’s real, it wasn’t to bash nobody or gain no attention or nothin like that… Everybody lookin for a handout. This isn’t a shocking situation”

On the Chick on Instagram who claims to be pregnant with his baby:  “This is a random person on the street. That’s the news now adays. People who make up complete and utter lies and other people run with it. I don’t know ANYTHING about the story.”

The Paris Attacks: “GOD- do you actually make these people? Do you actually make these f***** up people? The only thing that can help you out here is prayer. We all just need hope. That’s it. I Pray that Paris- they keep standing and keep fighting.”