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*The difference between Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King and CNN’s Don Lemon is obvious.

For those that don’t know, King was caught in the middle of a situation back in August when the right-winged site Breitbart reported that they had obtained a birth certificate listing King’s mother and father as White.

News of the discovery was mentioned by various media sources, including CNN, which tapped Lemon to cover the story.

As Madame Noire notes, Lemon’s reporting looked to be anything but neutral as he “seemed to believe King was lying about his racial background” and noted that “even though King said he was biracial, there was the issue of his birth certificate and “even an anonymous family member said both of his parents are white.”

Although King put a stop to the haters with telling the full story about his parentage, the sting of the criticism apparently is still with him as CNN tapped him to speak on Charles Gliniewicz, the Illinois police officer who reportedly committed suicide after investors began investigating him for embezzling money from a youth program.

The discovery of the facts about Gliniewicz contrasts initial reports that he was killed in the line of duty during a foot chase. Subscribing to the previous report, the Black Lives Matter movement came under fire from people who felt it was the reason for Gliniewicz’s death. According to them, the group promotes an anti-police sentimentality.

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Despite, the chance to honor CNN’s request, King opted to not do so and put his rejection on blast for everyone to take in (see screenshot above). As a result, the network fired back within hours, telling King to remove the email posts he put out or his Twitter account would be frozen.

King told Huffington Post that he suspected the network contacted Twitter to have the posts removed. CNN has not yet released a statement on the matter.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Twitter said the social media network does “not comment on individual accounts, for privacy and security reasons.”

King deleted the tweet and his account was reinstated soon after.

He then expressed outrage in a series of tweets, which can be viewed here.

In light of all this, what say you? Was King wrong for exercising his right to do what was correct by him and not appear on CNN because of Lemon’s opinion of him or was the network justified in defending its news anchor and his right to express his opinion by shutting King down?

Weigh in below.