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*There is a minority of parents who thrive on foolishness.

I have known of parents fighting in dressing rooms or parking lots, negative and hurtful comments on social media, and toxic attitudes on television sets and movie locations.

Some of this behavior is directed to other parents, spouses and their children. It is not exclusive to just the television and movie industry; organized sports suffer from the same types of behavior as well.

I understand that everyone is not always going to get along. People have their differences, and no two people will see eye to eye all the time. However, there is a way, for the sake of the project, production and game, for people to put their differences aside. There is a happy medium of sorts where everyone can find or agree to at least be cordial with one another. There are parents that I have met through the years who I did not prefer to associate with in casting rooms and studio sets. I am sure some of them didn’t prefer to spend time with me either. However, I don’t remember a time when the environment was so bad that we couldn’t at least attempt to be respectful and say hi to one another.

Sometimes that is easier said than done, but for the sake of the kids and the project, I believe that it is worth attempting because the kids have to work together. There is something to be said about being cordial, nice and talkative. It makes for a more peaceful atmosphere. However, when people get so cordial that they start gossiping about other parents’ and children’s business, that’s not so good. I know that there are times when parents need to vent and have to bring up certain topics. I am not talking about those discussions. We all have those. However, I am talking about parents who always seem

to have all of the information about everyone else. Just remember that if the parent is talking to you about someone else’s business, chances are, that same parent is talking about you to another parent. A wise woman once told me, “A dog that will bring a bone, will also carry a bone.” A good rule of thumb can be to respect all of the parents that you come across, and try to be friendly and respectful. However, when they start gossiping, walk away from the conversation, address it or find something to read no matter how

intriguing it may sound. Word travels very fast and the industry is much smaller than some people may realize.

About Angela Williams: 
Angela is an ordained minister and gospel/R&B singer and songwriter by calling, a personal business manager by experience, a writer, producer and author by profession, and life coach/spiritual parent by purpose. She is also a devoted wife of 28 years and mom to three incredible young men – Tyler James Williams (23), Tyrel Jackson Williams (18) and Tylen Jacob Williams (13) – who also happen to be wildly talented performers with extensive histories in the entertainment world. As the executive overseer of her sons’ ever-evolving careers and business endeavors for nearly two decades, and the academic facilitator of their home schooling education, she is uniquely qualified to guide other parents, siblings and family members embarking on a similar journey. Angela is a member of Women in Film Los Angeles, Film Independent and the Advisory Committee for The Actors Fund’s Looking Ahead Program. She holds a Bachelors degree in Business Management and a Masters degree in Psychology. Angela and her family are bi-coastal, living in New York and California.


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