White woman aims gun at black man for nothing

*Pure hatred overcame good sense for one woman in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and so far, not even white privilege is doing anything for her.

According to Nashville 5, Sherry McLain was leaving Wal-Mart when a black man asked her if she had a lighter. Did she say ‘let me check?’ No. Did she say, ‘hell no, get away from me?’ Nope. She didn’t say that either. McLain just grabbed the gun she had on her; pointed it at the man and said,  “I’m going to shoot you. I’m going to kill you,“ according to witnesses.

Several children were said to be at the scene, along with their parents.

Fortunately for the man, he was able to find safety inside the store, where he called 911.

McLain was still on the premises when police arrived and told them that she feared for her life. But the surveillance tape they checked told a different story.

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