Kanye West, Jay Z*Count us among the myriad of fans who take delight in reading the riders of our favorite celebrities.

A rider is a list of the food, drink, and other random posh amenities that are contractually obligated to be placed in each hotel room along an artist’s tour. When riders leak on the Internet, they provide fans with a bit of personal insight into the world of entertainment divas and rock stars.

The riders of A-listers Jay Z and Kanye West hit the Internet on Monday, and the documents reveal that Jay has detailed demands for his baby girl Blue Ivy. Meanwhile, Kanye has no provides for North West, as TMZ reports. The entertainment site has revealed the hotel and backstage concert requirements of each artist, and among the laundry list of demands, staffers at hotels where Jay Z rests his head must provide 3 $80 Mayan tuberose-scented candles and keep his room’s temp at a comfy 71 degrees.

Jay also has two no-no’s for staff, presumably added to the list after a few bad experiences. 1) No vacuuming near his room 2) Don’t ask for concert tickets if you want to “avoid embarrassment.”

When it comes to alcohol, Kanye requires 13 assorted bottles of that good sh*t, totaling around $3,200, including 3 bottles of Paradis Hennessy.

Jay Z seems to have simple pallet, or he’s frugal. The rap icon prefers Ace of Spades champagne, and since he owns the company – the contract says he cannot be charged.

Kanye requires that any vases within his vicinity be cylindrical. He also requires staff to hunt down a Genelecs 1031a speaker – which was discontinued a decade ago.

As far as the kids, since Kim Kardashian is generally spotted with Nori more often than Kanye, it’s understandable why his rider makes no fuss over her needs. However, Jay has lots of Blue Ivy demands. Hotel suites must be childproofed with all corners, sharp edges, and electrical outlets covered, and statues, lamps, and breakable objects removed. Oh, and baby Blue only drinks organic whole milk.