young thinkers*Talkin’ about wisdom coming from the mouths of babes. If you haven’t checked out “The Meaning of Life, explained by 3rd graders,” video, have I got a gift for you!

Narrated by a 6-year-old girl with obvious swagger, she says , “You gotta do what feels right in your heart … A great man or woman will never fit in because they stand out,” she delivers the true meaning of life message with all the inflections and innuendos of an elder…an ancient, white-haired, leather-skinned elder.

You’re mouth is sure to drop open on several times as you listen to the sweet little girl’s voice. She starts off by asking you to “Imagine yourself, 90 years old, on a porch in a rocking chair, looking back on your life. You got that image?” she asks. “Good! Now let me tell you studies show that the biggest regret from elderly people on their death bed is not what they did, its what they didn’t do.”

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