Derek Medina

Derek Medina

*Aren’t you curious about a statement that ends with ‘A young lady lost her life but…”?

Aren’t you intrigued about what could possibly come after the “but?”

I am. I mean, it calls for justification of the why. And in order to justify the loss of a life…you have to put some kind of ceiling on its value.

And how do you do that?

Nevertheless, that was the direction of the argument presented by the attorney of Derek Medina – the Miami man who emptied eight bullets from his .380-caliber gun into his wife – and then proudly took a picture of her dead body and posted it on Facebook.

He is now infamous. And will forever be identified as, “The Facebook Killer.”

Prosecutor Leah Klein described a gruesome scene of how she suspected it all went down in the kitchen of the couple’s home after learning “he wanted her dead.”

Like a movie being played in slow motion, Klein describes an especially disturbing “scene” after the murder, where she says [Medina] “is calmly gathering his sweatshirt and stopping to take pictures” of his wife’s dead body (See horrific photo below with warning).

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