Michael Jackson - Thriller

Michael Jackson – Thriller

*Google Play is offering Michael Jackson’s record-breaking “Thriller” album — the best-selling record of all time —as a free download for one week — beginning today (Nov. 20).

The “Thriller” download, available only to U.S. residents, will be free of charge from Nov. 20-27. Google Play’s version of the album includes a special bonus track, “Billie Jean (home demo from 1981),” along with the original album version of that song.

Google Play is doing this to get people to notice its digital storefront.

It’s the 33rd anniversary of “Thriller,” which was originally released Nov. 30, 1982. The album won eight Grammy Awards, including album of the year, in 1984. Of the album’s nine tracks, four were written by the King of Pop and seven of the singles reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

According to Google, Jackson’s “Billie Jean” is currently the most-listened-to song from the album, followed by “Beat It” and “Thriller.”