Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj laughs at a woman in a wheelchair in a viral video

*Nicki Minaj got called out on social media over the weekend after a viral video showed her appearing to make fun of a woman in a motorized wheelchair.

The footage showed Nicki walking down a hallway at 1OAK in Las Vegas Friday, where she was hosting a Halloween party. The rapper was filmed in a fairy costume, laughing at the wheelchair-bound woman along with her friends, then, waving her wand at the woman saying, “I command you to walk.”

The woman didn’t seem to be aware of Nicki’s antics behind her.

Watch below:

People flooded her social media accounts, and bloggers like Perez Hilton accused the artist of being incredibly insensitive, but Nicki explained that the person in the chair is her friend, and not disabled.

Also, it wasn’t a wheelchair. It was a “scooter.”


Other outlets reported that her friend was too drunk to walk on her own, so she used the chair to get from point A to B – which Nicki and her friends found hilarious. The video caught them teasing her, reports claim.