Patti-LaBelle*With appearances on “Dancing With the Stars,” “Empire” and “American Horror Story” under her belt, Patti LaBelle and her music are anything but out of sync with being on the radar of “young people.”

So much so that she’s making it known that she’s up for collaboration with current rap sensation Fetty Wap.

When asked if she would consider doing a collabo with a rapper, she responded:

“Fetty Wap, I love that boy. With the one eye,” LaBelle shared during a recent interview with The Breakfast Club when asked if she would consider doing collaboration with a rapper. “I love him, he gangsta. I love his look. I would [work with him] in a heartbeat.”

In addition to voicing a desire to work with Fetty Wap, LaBelle touched on the success she’s experiencing with her sweet potato pies. The packaged baked goods have been flying off the shelves at Walmart, thanks in part to a viral video featuring singer James Wright Chanel eating and praising the pie and literally singing its praises.

EURweb referenced comments made by Walmart director of communications, John Forest Ales, who mentioned how the pies were selling out for 72 hours at his store once Chanel’s video went viral.

“I am blessed to have pies that you can’t buy,” LaBelle told Breakfast Club hosts Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy. “Isn’t that a blessing? It’s like they’re sold out but… you can still find a pie at some of the Walmarts, but I don’t know where.”

As the interview continued LaBelle spoke on people asking her what’s so good about her pies and where the recipe came from. According to the 71-year-old singer, although it’s a challenge to find the sweet potatoes needed to make more pies, in light of there not being a lot of them around, she is able to find just enough sweet potatoes to make for herself because she’s the only one who has the recipe.

“I can make a sweet potato pie like mine and Walmart because it’s my recipe,” LaBelle explained, adding that it’s the butter, the crust and the secret ingredient in the pie that’s causing folks to go crazy and continue their personal search for the popular pies.

As for those who feel the pie should be cooked and not eaten raw straight out of the box, the “New Attitude” hitmaker maintained that her products are cooked and ready for consumption.

“Everybody say they’re eating raw pie. No, the pie is cooked,” she stated. “It’s on the shelves. It’s a cooked product. But, if you want to make it hot you can put it in the oven for 40 minutes at 350, and then you’ll have a hot Sunday pie, from church pie.’

To see LaBelle’s entire Breakfast Club interview, check out the video below: