raven symone & don lemon

*Boycotts against Raven-Symoné and Don Lemon may sound like a good idea, but according to Shadow and Act, the battle is over and done with.

Examining Symoné and Lemon’s recent string of controversial comments, the site points out that while folks are campaigning for their dismissal, the pair will ultimately end up still attached to their respective networks and shows, ABC’s “The View” and “CNN Tonight” on CNN.

“Why? Because of ratings of course,” Shadow and Act expressed as it referenced “The View’s” surge in ratings with Symoné as part of its panel. “You may hate her, but she’s the smartest move that the producers on “The View” have made in a long time. As of last month, “The View,” according to TV by Numbers, posted its largest total in viewers and women 25-54 in over 8 months, beating CBS’ “The Talk,” which had been topping “The View” for almost a year.

Since her arrival on “The View,” Symoné has generated headlines for her opinions on the show’s hot topics. Most recently, she caught major criticism for stating that she would not hire black people with ghetto names, in addition to seeming to support the violent treatment given to a Spring Valley High School student by a South Carolina resource officer.

“’The View’ needed Raven-Symoné because she is controversial (or it could be some sort of bizarre art performance or experiment) which means she’ll bring in viewers,” Shadow and Act noted while citing a report it did about Symoné in May. “People naturally gravitate towards controversy, said Sergio, the author of the article. “And the producers on the show knew exactly, in advance what they were getting with her. She’s no accident. They were not going to pick anyone who was safe and conventional. They intentionally wanted someone who would get people riled up.

“…for all the controversial things she’s been saying, people are definitely curious about Raven-Symoné, if only to see what kind of wacky shit she’s going to say next. One could argue that she is well aware of what she’s doing, and playing along in what is effectively the role of the ‘wild card.’ Or, actually, it could be that this is who she really is, with no pretenses, take it or leave it.”

Like Symoné, Lemon has received more than his share of negative feedback, as evidenced with  32,000 signatures collected from a petition to get him off the air out of a projected goal of 35,000.

Despite the effort, Shadow and Act played the ratings and controversy card again in its belief that the petition “won’t do any good” in getting rid of Lemon.

“CNN, during the past year, has been doing very well in the ratings, coming in a strong second after Fox News, and beating MSNBC by a mile. CNN needs him because, like Raven, he too is controversial and brings in viewers – even those who despise him, but still tune in to see what is he going to say next,” the site stated.

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