*Holy freakin’ crap. This stuff fascinates the heck out of me so I apologize in advance if you’re repulsed. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a lover of snakes or anything, but when I heard that a biker was riding near the Lake Eland Game Reserve in South Africa, and came across a dead python who had obviously consumed an animal so big it killed him, I was like WTF…Let me see.

Then I saw it…in detail. 

Wanna see?

I’ll take that as a yes.

Let me just say that as an animal lover I was sad for the snake and its prey. I mean dang. But this is what they do. Yet at the same time I was cursing the snake like, “You stupid! Couldn’t you feel halfway down, when it was not too late to regurgitate, that this may not have been the smartest move?”

Anyway, too late for all of that now. Just think of this as nature at its most raw. Besides, most of you have already become desensitized from all the grossness you’ve watched on the internet. So this is like another episode of “National Geographic” or “Animal Kingdom.”

Either way. It’s fascinating and I hope you scroll down and check it out.

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