Rihanna*Rihanna won’t be kicking down doors and looking for her money from Samsung because the pop star just signed a $25 million deal with the company to sponsor her upcoming album and tour, the NY Post reports.

RiRi will be releasing her “Anti” album in a less traditional way – via Samsung only devices.

It’s a deal similar to the one Jay Z signed with the company for $5 million when he dropped his “Magna Carta Holy Grail” album. He went platinum in a week thanks to Samsung’s pre-purchases of the album.

The Post revealed Rihanna will be releasing “Anti” in time for the Holidays, and the delay was due to her last-minute changes. As The YBF reports, Rihanna’s unprecedented deal follows seven months of talks and was reportedly brokered by Jay Z and Jay Brown. Here’s how the deal will play out, via The Post:

“Samsung wants to use Rihanna to help promote its Galaxy line of products and wants exclusive use of Rihanna-related video content to release via its Milk Music radio service, sources said. An open question is whether Jay Z’s Tidal streaming music service will gain any exclusivity given that Rihanna is a backer.

Samsung, which has also cut deals with NBA player LeBron James, will be integrally involved in any Rihanna tour, sources said.”

Meanwhile, if you’ve been waning to know what exactly happened to the accountant who messed with Rihanna in her “Bitch Better Have My Money” music video since it was released, she dropped some wild NSFW clips of the extended version via her new video app, conveniently available on Samsung devices and Google Play.

Check out the clips below, or check it out in full over at the makers of this concept, Stargate.