spirit airlines passengers

*Six Spirit Airlines customers say they were kicked off a flight at Los Angeles International Airport Monday because they are black.

According to witness accounts, three black couples were escorted off the aircraft prior to departure by police officers after a white flight attendant accused one person in the group of being a threat.

Cellphone video recorded by Alexandria Wright, who was among the passengers kicked out, shows the man being removed from the plane telling responding officers the flight attendant was rude to him.

Spirit Airlines said in a statement: “Four passengers became unruly and were causing trouble with other passengers. Flight crew asked them to stop. When they did not, law enforcement was called and they were removed from the flight.”

spirit airlines dispute

While Spirit claims it was just four people, multiple media outlets are reporting that three couples were forced off the plane.

When the other African-American passengers spoke out in the man’s defense and questioned his ejection from the plane, police officers were called back and booted the others as well.

“I’m really humiliated just for the simple fact that you hear about this type of stuff happening in America, discrimination issues and stuff like that, but to actually experience it first-hand… ” Wright told CBS Los Angeles.

After the six passengers were escorted off the plane, Flight 868 reportedly took off at 8 p.m. for Dallas.

Watch CBS-LA’s report below: